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A new concept

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What sets us apart?
  • Traveler-based

    Flighty Bird is 100% based on the testimony of current world travelers.

  • Building a Lifestyle

    Unlike other travel websites which give tips for specific locations, Flighty Bird also shows how it is possible to make traveling into a longterm lifestyle.

  • Average Joe

    We are a website for the average person who may not think he/she has enough money, time, or knowledge to see the world. Flighty Bird aims to get everyone overseas, no matter the obstacles.

  • Community

    One of Flighty Bird's greatest missions is creating a community of international voyagers. Check out our interviews section for more details.

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About Flighty Bird

Created by one traveler for all travelers, Flighty Bird is the website for those who dream of traveling overseas, but aren't sure how to get started. Find out with us today.
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Meet Emily

Flighty Bird Founder
The petite, 5’2″ traveler who aims to see the world! Emily has so far traveled to 35 countries and 4 continents, and plans to do much more in the near future. Enjoy her tips for seeing the world, and start your journey today!

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